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PilotEdit Lite is an amazing file editor capable of editing large files
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1 November 2015

Editor's review

It’s not really too much of a difficult task now days to get your hands on “multipurpose” file editors-thanks to a rapidly advancing internet and computing technology. Apart from the availability factor, most of these software claim to be an one stop solution for your variety of needs, be it editing FTP files, search and replace multi line texts, or may be even uploading as well as downloading FTP directories and files. But when it comes to implementing on the promises made in the ads and promotions, very few can stand up to the users’ expectation. However, thankfully, there are also a few decent products in the market, such as PilotEdit Lite 4.4.0, which is in spite of being a freeware, delivers a real-quality service with its highly advanced search and replace operations, column mode, HEX mode, built in FTP client and many more.

Upon being launched, PilotEdit Lite opens with a typical blue and white interface with all the major controls placed at the top half of the window. About the performance factor, there must be hardly any known file format that is not supported by the PEL 4.4.0 . Using this program, you can download/upload, edit as well as compare a wide range of files including those massive ones with a size more than 4GB. It also supports DOS/UNIX and UNICODE files. The Hex mode allows you to cut-copy-paste, delete, and input in the HEX format itself. Not only that, automatically detects file encoding whenever you shift from Hex mode to the text mode. The number of undo/redo is endless- you can undo or redo even after switching from the Hex format to the text version.

To conclude with, PilotEdit Lite 4.4.0 is a pretty sophisticated product with all its above-expectation features. Hence this freeware gets a score of five rating points on account of its stellar functioning and overall ease of use.

Publisher's description

PilotEdit is an amazing file editor capable of editing large files. PilotEdit Lite works on both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows Operating System.
1. The file size supported by PilotEdit is unlimited
Edit files larger than 10GB.
2. Support UNICODE files and DOS/UNIX files
Change encoding of multiple files.
PilotEdit will adjust text encoding automatically when you copy/paste in text mode.
3. Self-defined file types and key words high-lightening
PilotEdit supports more than 20 kinds of file types.
Define different TAB and indent for different file types.
Support line-continuation characters.
4. HEX mode
Input, delete, cut, copy and paste in HEX mode.
Automatically detect file encoding when you change from HEX mode to text mode
5. Column mode
6. Endless undo/redo
You may undo/redo even after you switch between text mode and HEX mode.
7. Word wrap
8. Edit, download and upload huge FTP files
9. Multiple-line find/replace
Find/replace multiple-line text.
Find/replace multiple-line text through regular expression.
10. File comparison
Compare two directories.
11. Self-defined string table
Add a pre-defined string by just one click.
12. Regular expression
Find/replace multiple-line text through regular expression.
Regular expression generator.
13. File group
File group enable you to open multiple files by just one click.
14. Find/replace in multiple directories
PilotEdit Lite
PilotEdit Lite
Version >8.7.0
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